Hinge Template Full 6’8″

Features a revolutionary unique design with Aluminum Extension Bars for 6’8″ doors that will speed the installation process on doors. The Hinge Template will give you different length sizes from 3½” to 5″ for ¼” radios, square or 5/8″ radius by adjusting or rotating the router guides to match the specific hinge style. The same template can be converted to 7’0″ or 8’0″ by just attaching the appropriate Extension Bars. 7’0″ and 8’0″ kit sold separately. The template can be adjusted to door thicknesses of  1 3/8″, 1 3/4″  and  2 1/4″  by adjusting the round stops on the back.  The template can be used for interior and exterior door jambs.

This unique template it’s made of 3/4″ Hard Plywood, smooth Birch face veneers with a Dark Brown Phenolic resin film thermally fused into both Base sides. All inner 14 plies are solid Birch.

Use template guide 17/32″ I.D  X 5/8″ O.D with ½ router bit.