Welcome to Denpo Products!
We provide precision engineered, patented templates and door holders that deliver consistent and professional-grade results.

Elegant Solutions

Our patented templates are made using dense birch plywood and lightweight steel. The door holders are made from lightweight steel and powder coated for heavy-duty use. Made to last and engineered for precision, Denpo Products are designed to deliver consistent and professional quality results.

About Denpo Products

We started in the field when power tools were just getting introduced. The idea for latch and strike templates was born from the need to get consistent results while using powered tools. And, of course, something to keep the doors steady became just as important.

When these ideas got patented, Denpo Products was founded.



For more information or to request a quote, please send us an email at denpoproductsone@gmai.com

Feel free to send us a text or give us a call at 818.835.3158.

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