Tectus Concealed Invisible Hinge Template 340-540

Tectus Concealed Invisible Hinge has been designed to work for both Door and Jamb with using only one Template. Allows an individual to do mortise cut on both Interior and Exterior Jamb. This unique template provides both length and width sizes by simply Adjust guides according to the cut has to be accomplished. It is a precision instrument that saves time, eliminates costly errors and provides a professional quality job. This template works on 1⅜”, 1¾ and 2¼ Door Thickness.

This unique template it’s made of 3/4″ Hard Plywood, smooth Birch face veneers with a Dark Brown Phenolic resin film thermally fused into both Base side. All inner 14 plies are solid Birch.

The 6/32 machine screws on the hinge guides are held by a metal insert into the wood base.

Use template guide 17/32 I.D by 5/8 and ½ router bit.
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