Strike Template 

This innovative invention allows an individual to cut just about any standard shape and size of a strike for a interior or exterior door jamb with the use of a portable router. It is a precision instrument that saves time, eliminates costly errors and provides a professional quality job. This strike template can be adjusted to , and  Door Thickness.

This unique template it’s made of 3/4″ Hard Plywood, smooth Birch face veneers with a Dark Brown Phenolic  resin film thermally fused into both base sides. All inner 14 plies are solid Birch.

Ideal for the Professional Craftsman as well as for the handyman.


The 6/32 machine screws on the hinge guides are held by a metal insert into the wood base.  ( U.S.A Patent: 4,565,228 )

Use template guide Bushing 17/32 I.D by 5/8 O.D with 1/2 router bit.

Note: These item it won’t be ship for free to the following places.

Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Virgin Islands.